In the final moments of 2014 I spent many hours conducting lighting tests with 'Dahlia'.  A glorious mannequin peppered with scoffs.  Beautiful.  She doesn't say much but keeps perfectly still for the camera.

You can learn a great deal about light when you just have fun with it.  I observed how we interpret light differently, how we can shape and design with it.  You can distribute light in multiple ways.  One is to be the source of light, another is to reflect it.  Add a tiny splash of color here and now the entire mood changes.  There are plenty of books on the psychology of light alone.

While reflecting on the basic principle of photography, I had an existential moment as I likened the laws of physics to mundane human interaction.  Something, something ...the light within us.  Epiphany?  Or too much time spent with a mannequin?  Then, something flashed above my head.

A strobe was triggered by accident.

'Dahlia' © SJS